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Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Written by: Portrait Photo Of Chad M. Prentice Chad M. Prentice

If you love riding your motorcycle, you are not alone. Motorcycles represent a favorite pastime for millions, and many more ride one to work and take care of their daily errands. However, riding a motorcycle is not without its risks, as evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of motorcycle accidents every year in this country alone. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered injuries, the accident attorneys at Maho Prentice, LLP are ready to listen to your case.  They will give you advice on the best way to recover the damages you need. Please set up your initial consultation today.

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Main Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents happen simply because the cars around them fail to notice them while sharing the road. Still, another common reason for motorcycle accidents is speeding by the motorcycle riders themselves. There might not be other vehicles involved in some of these cases, but it doesn’t mean there are no injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle riders always represent the most vulnerable group of people on roads at any point in time. They are also much more likely to lose their lives in an accident than car drivers, although injuries are also quite common. The types of injuries sustained in these accidents include:

Road Rash

This happens when the motorcycle rider slides across the pavement after being thrown off their bike. As they hit the pavement, they not only suffer bruises but several layers of their skin are peeled off, exposing muscle and causing a great deal of pain. That is why we cannot stress enough how important it is to always wear protective gear when riding: helmet, jacket, thick pants, gloves, and boots.

Arms and Legs

Injuries to the legs may not be fatal, but they will likely profoundly impact the rider’s life. They may involve knees, ankles, feet, and calves, which may give the rider pain and discomfort for a long time.

Motorcycle riders also tend to suffer many severe injuries to their arms. This may be because the rider’s instinct is to use their arms to protect their head and face, thus having their arms be the first part of their body to hit the road.

Muscle Damage

It is not uncommon to suffer muscle damage in a motorcycle accident. The consequences of damaging a muscle can be long-lasting and may require ongoing medical expenses.

Head and Neck Injuries

Concussions or skull fractures are among the most common injuries suffered by motorcycle riders. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to protect the head when riding a motorcycle since helmets drastically reduce the severity of head injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries and injuries to the spinal cord can have a devastating impact on anyone’s life, with those who suffer from them requiring help with most of the basic activities of daily life.

Act Swiftly After a Motorcycle Accident

Immediately after being in a motorcycle accident, your body is in a state of shock. Get yourself checked out by a healthcare professional as soon as possible. Keep in mind that many serious injuries may not be discovered until days after the incident. Always keep a detailed file of all your expenses.

Also, keep track of all the wages you have lost if you have been unable to go back to work while recovering from your injuries. Also, keep track of all expenses related to fixing or replacing your bike and any other personal property you might have lost or had damaged during the crash.

Get Legal Help Now

Setting up an appointment with the motorcycle accident attorneys at Maho Prentice, LLP is something you should not put off after being in a motorcycle accident. It is important to have a team of experienced, knowledgeable accident lawyers by your side since they will be your best tool when it comes to fighting for your rights and recovering damages for an accident that happened through no fault of your own. Don’t delay since there is a statute of limitations that marks how long you have to file a claim. Give us a call today and we will listen to your case and plan the best course of action. We work on a contingency basis so there will be no out-of-pocket costs to you.