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Pedestrian Accident Attorney Santa Barbara

Written by: Portrait Photo Of Chad M. Prentice Chad M. Prentice

Pedestrians are especially susceptible to injuries when a negligent driver accidentally crashes into them. In Santa Barbara, fatal pedestrian accidents are rare but incredibly devastating when they occur. Pedestrian accidents may not always be fatal but can still result in severe injuries that can leave personal injury victims with a massive financial burden. This is because injured pedestrians in Santa Barbara often have to take time off from work to recover. They may also require medical attention to help them recover from their injuries. Our lawyers in Santa Barbara can provide the legal representation you require to hold the at-fault driver responsible for your injuries. Your personal injury attorney reaches out to the other party’s insurance company to ensure that they provide fair compensation. Lawyers have years of education behind them, which allows them to deliver great services. Learn from pedestrian accident lawyers and ask any questions that come to mind by calling Maho Prentice LLP today for a free consultation. 

Pedestrian Accident

What Are the Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

A Santa Barbara pedestrian accident can happen for many reasons but typically involve a driver being negligent in some manner. Here are some of the top reasons why a motor vehicle injures pedestrians:


Many drivers have a bad habit of speeding, even in congested urban areas. Speeding makes it difficult to slow down in time to avoid hitting unexpected pedestrians who are crossing the road. Pedestrians may also not have the chance to move out of the way in time before the vehicle hits them. 

Running Red Lights

Some drivers may try to get ahead of traffic by ignoring or running red lights, which can result in them hitting pedestrians who have the right of way. When a drivers run a red lights, they can be charged with vehicular manslaughter and additional criminal penalties. They’ll be taken into custody and arrested before their trial. 

Ignoring The Right Of Way

Pedestrians have the right of way when it is their turn to cross. Drivers should yield when turning right, left, or driving straight every time a traffic sign signals that pedestrians can cross the road. 


Drunk or Drugged Driving

The driver may have been intoxicated behind the wheel, resulting in them causing a pedestrian accident. When a motorist hits a pedestrian because they were inebriated or abusing a drug, they can also be criminally prosecuted in Santa Barbara, CA. Proof of driving under the influence is required. If the police believe that the driver was abusing a subtance, they’ll conduct an investigation and request that the driver take a chemical test. Otherwise, the driver would have to be taken in by a hospital after a severe injury and receive a blood test there. Your attorney can find out if they were intoxicated by obtaining their chemical tests. 

Bad Weather

Poor weather conditions can make it difficult for drivers to see traffic and pedestrians. Sometimes heavy rain can also cause their motor vehicle to hydroplane, preventing them from stopping because they are gliding on the road. In addition to rain, drivers may struggle to stay in their lane in icy conditions, heavy fog, and snow. 

Nighttime Driving

It is more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians on the road at night, especially if the pedestrians are trying to cross roads with many parked vehicles or shrubbery. Drivers should reduce their speed and pay extra attention when crossing busy intersections in the evening. 

Poor Road Conditions 

Uneven surfaces and roads riddled with potholes and cracks can be the cause of a life-threatening pedestrian accident. Drivers may accidentally drive over a poorly maintained road, causing them to lose control and crash into an unsuspecting pedestrian. 

Distracted Driving 

Negligent drivers may be distracted while driving, preventing them from paying attention when driving through crosswalks. For example, they may be texting or making phone calls, which makes it hard for them to notice when pedestrians are crossing. 

Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities

Pedestrians can suffer from catastrophic injuries because of a Santa Barbara pedestrian accident. Here are some injuries they could experience:

Traumatic Brain Injury

Pedestrian accidents can cause head injuries that result in long-term disabilities. Concussions can occur if the victim hits their head hard enough. Additionally, the brain can suffer from hemorrhages, hematomas, and penetrating injuries that are caused by a car accident

Broken Bones And Fractures

A pedestrian can easily break or fracture their bones on the ground when hit by a vehicle. The impact can also result in crushed bones. Broken and fractured bones can occur in almost any part of the body, for example this happens to the wrists, ankles, arms, legs, and the chest. 

Internal Injuries

Internal organs will be wounded due to the heavy impact of a fast-moving car. Pedestrians can suffer pneumothorax, heart injuries, and other injured organs that can cause them to experience internal bleeding. 

Spinal Cord Injury 

Back injuries are also common, which can result in severe spinal cord injuries that can cause hemiplegia and paraplegia. Spinal cord injuries can cause ruptured, slipped, or bulging discs, back pain, and other long-lasting effects.

How a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Can Help You

Based on your case details, our Santa Barbara attorneys can seek compensation from the negligent parties according to the tenets of personal injury law. We review your case to find out who can be held liable by starting an investigation and collecting evidence. Your settlement is based on the severity of your injuries and your damages. This includes your pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. If the other party’s insurer calculates your damages, this will result in your settlement not being taken seriously. Instead, allow your lawyer to estimate the settlement using proven methods that accurately reflect how serious your damages are. 

Because attorneys need evidence to prove your claim, they are adept sleuths. Our lawyers in Santa Barbara use traffic and surveillance cameras, subpoenas, drug tests, witness testimonies, and more to help support your claim. Your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages will be calculated and included in your settlement. Once fault has been established, our Santa Barba law firm will negotiate fair compensation with the other party’s insurance company. Don’t allow the other party’s insurer to give you a smaller estimate than what you are truly owed. Work with a lawyer who knows how much you are owed and also can expediently negotiate your settlement on your behalf. 

We represent clients according to their legal rights and provide reliable services to help them get back on track financially. Talk to our experienced Santa Barbara law firm today and contact Maho Prentice LLP for a free consultation.