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Truck Driver Negligence

Although they are professionally trained, truck drivers occasionally make mistakes while driving long distances. They spend a great deal of time on the road, which makes them more likely to get into a traffic accident. This is especially the case when they are traveling long distances at night. Truckers also cause accidents because of irresponsible behavior. After you’ve experienced a truck accident, you might have high medical expenses and other costly damages. Instead of dealing with this difficulty on your own, speak to a truck accident attorney to help you get the compensation you need. To learn whether you are eligible for compensation, contact our law firm now. Call Maho | Prentice law today for a free consultation.

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How Does Truck Driver Negligence Occur?

Truck drivers can be neglectful in a variety of ways, including the following:


When truck drivers don’t get enough rest, they risk causing a truck accident. Truck drivers can fall asleep at the wheel and collide with other vehicles.

Intoxicated Driving

When a truck driver is intoxicated, they lose focus and may not be able to react in time to emergency situations.

Improperly Loaded Cargo

When trucks have improperly loaded cargo, they can lose balance and sway, increasing the risk of an accident.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

When trucks don’t receive proper maintenance, vital equipment can break down when it’s least expected. The truck driver wouldn’t be liable, instead your attorney would seek compensation from the manufacturer of the defective quipment.

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers that are distracted can increase their risk of an accident. They may be texting, eating, talking on the phone, or engaging in other activities that should not be done while driving. Reckless Driving

A truck driver may have been speeding, performing illegal lane change maneuvers, driving in the wrong lane, or engaging in other reckless forms of driving.

Common Types of Injuries in Truck Driver Negligence Accidents

Truck accidents are often the cause of catastrophic injuries because they result in high-impact crashes. Here are some of the common injuries in truck accidents:

Broken Bones

When a truck crashes into a car, it can cause broken and fractured bones to the occupants of the vehicle. Because the chest is more exposed to getting hit by the steering wheel and other hard objects, rib and torso injuries are also common. The ribs, clavicle, and other bones can get badly injured.

Burn Injuries

Truck crashes sometimes cause fires, which leave truck accident victims with severe burns.

Internal Injuries

The lungs, heart, and other organs are vulnerable to getting injured in a truck accident if the impact to the vehicle is high enough.

Back And Neck Injuries

When a driver is violently jostled during an accident, their back and neck muscles could suffer severe sprain and strain injuries. These soft tissue injuries can cause chronic pain for weeks or months.

Seat Belt Injuries

Seat belts are designed to keep vehicle occupants safe during an accident. However, seat belts can be harmful during accidents because the restraining force of the belt restricts your movement when you lunge forward, which puts strain on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Seat belt injuries appear around the hips and lower stomach, the torso, and the shoulders.

What Compensation Is Available in Truck Driver Negligence Accidents?

Your truck accident damages can be compensated with the help of a truck accident attorney. The compensation you claim in your settlement includes the following damages:

Pain And Suffering

While recovering from your injuries, you may struggle with negative emotions like depression, embarrassment, and anxiety. They are all different types of pain and suffering, and you can receive compensation for them.

Property Damage

Your car can be totaled due to a truck accident or require extensive repairs.

Lost Income

While dealing with injuries, you might have to take time off from work, resulting in lost wages.

Medical Bills

Any medical bills that you had to pay because of your wounds are part of your damages. This includes ongoing medical treatment of any kind.

Why You Need A Truck Driver Negligence Accident Attorney

Your truck accident attorney will help you get the compensation you deserve. They will calculate your damages and negotiate a settlement with the trucking company’s insurer. You only pay your attorney after you receive compensation because they use a contingency fee. Contact Maho | Prentice Law now for a free consultation.