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Head-on Collisions in Santa Barbara

Written by: Portrait Photo Of Chad M. Prentice Chad M. Prentice


Accidents that result in head-on collisions can be scary and highly fatal. In the county of Santa Barbara, a large number of these happen on local highways. This includes highways 101, 154, 166, 1, 246, and 135. Highway 101 has the highest number of collisions, with 70 deaths and 66 accidents that happened between 2010 to 2018. A majority of head-on collisions involved alcohol use, which, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Admission, caused nearly one-third of the accidents. 

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What Happens in Head-On Collisions

When a head-on collision occurs, both vehicles are seriously impacted, along with other nearby cars, which may have been caught in the fray. You can learn more about head-on collisions to help you in your dire situation.

When two cars hit each other with both cars traveling towards each other, this is a head-on collision. The cars involved in a head-on collision can cause a tremendous amount of damage that threatens to be fatal for both drivers. Because the vehicles are traveling in the opposite direction, their speeds combine at the point of impact. 

Who is at fault in a head-on collision?

Both drivers can be at fault in a head-on collision, but it is highly dependent on their activities during the accident. If a driver was paying attention to all the road rules and was not committing any illegal acts, they are not at fault. Often, accidents these types of accidents result from distracted driving. This means that one of the drivers may have been texting, talking, or doing another activity which made them less attentive to the road. Sometimes, neither driver was paying attention, which led to a massive collision between the two. A majority of crashes result from speeding, where 16.7% of accidents result from a driver going too fast. 10.1% are caused by a driver being under the influence of drugs, medication, or alcohol. 5.2% of fatal crashes are caused by distracted driving, while another 5.4% by driving carelessly. 

Can you survive a head-on collision?

It is entirely possible to survive a head-on collision, but these crashes typically cause serious physical injuries. Some of the most common injuries include broken bones, spinal injuries, and brain injuries. Head-on-collisions only result in 10.8% of all accidents in the US, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The percentage of fatal accidents tends to be higher on holidays, which can be due to a higher density of cars on the road. Some of the injuries caused by car crashes can result in paralysis and long-term disability. Often, drivers may experience wage loss and a reduced capacity to earn wages. 

Learn More from Head-On Collision Lawyers 

To help you with your head-on collision injuries, you can get the help of a dedicated team of lawyers who know what steps to take. If you recently got into a head-on collision, your attorney can help define whether you are at fault or not and what evidence you need to collect to help support your case. Contact Maho Prentice, LLP today to get a free consultation.