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Santa Barbara Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites are a frequent cause of injuries for many reasons, such as the lack of protective gear that should have been worn by construction workers but wasn’t provided by the construction company. On average, one in five employee deaths happen at construciton sites. About 60% of construction worker deaths are due to falling objects. Regardless of the cause, in the State of California, an employee is eligible for workers’ compensation if they get injured on the job. It doesn’t matter if the employee contributed to their accident, as long as they weren’t involved in unlawful activity.

After you’ve been injured due to a construction accident, you should report your injuries and speak to a Santa Barbara County personal injury attorney. They can help you prepare your workers’ compensation claim properly so that you avoid common errors. Injured workers often get their claims rejected at a 70% rate, and this percentage increases each year. Speak to knowledgeable Santa Barbara California attorneys to help you recover compensation when you need it most. Call Maho | Prentice Law today for a free consultation.

Construction Disputes

Types of Construction Accidents

The most common construction accidents happen because of falls, but they can occur for many other reasons.

Struck By An Object

Equipment can fall off a shelf, drop from a ceiling, swing off a machine, or roll across the ground and hit a worker.


Workers can become electrocuted malfunctioning equipment that is not grounded or broken. Workers can also be electrocuted by exposed wiring.

Caught Between Machinery

Employees sometimes get crushed between heavy machinery or moving gears. This can result in amputations because of crushed bones.


Falling from great heights is one of the main causes of accidents in the construction industry.

Toxic Fumes

Leaking chemicals can harm the eyes, sinus passageways, and lungs. Employees that come into contact with toxic fumes can suffer because of exposure.


After an unexpected explosion, hazardous chemicals, and fires a construction worker can get wounded and suffer from first, second, and third-degree burns. Burns occur when the worker gets into contact with malfunctioning electrical equipment, machines that give off thermal energy that are at scalding temperatures, poorly contained chemicals, and other dangerous conditions.

Most Common Construction Accident Injuries

A Santa Barbara construction accident cause injuries that leave you partially or totally disabled. Here are some common construction accident injuries:

Broken Bones

Bones can be fractured, broken, or even completely shattered after a heavy impact.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis, back pain, pinched nerves, and other serious conditions.

Brain And Head Injuries

Victims might suffer from concussions, hematomas, hemorrhaging, and penetration injuries that puncture the skull.

Chemical Exposure

When working with chemicals, it is possible to experience toxic fumes and heavy metal poisoning.

Burn Injuries

There are three levels of burns which include first, second, and third-degree burns. First degree burns are the most superficial and only affects the top layer of the skin, which leans the skin red and sore. Second degree burns cause the second layer of the skin to get injured and affects less than 10% of the skin and is extremely painful. Third degree burns require multiple surgeries and often skin grafts because they cannot heal on their own. They are life-threatening because they cause skin tissue to die.

Eye Injury

When not wearing the proper protective gear, it is possible for the eyes to get severely injured or even blinded.

Ear Injury And Hearing Loss

Construction workers that are exposed to loud sounds can eventually suffer from deafness and hearing loss. Ear injuries occur when loud noises, air pressure, or an object penetrates the ear. Demolition workers can experience extreme air pressure changes. Projectile objects can hit construction workers in the ear and cause hearing loss as well.

Important Steps to Take After a Construction Site Accident

After a construction site accident, you should immediately take the following steps:

Get Medical Help

After you’ve been injured, you’ll need medical attention to help you recover.

Report Your Injury

Speak to your employer about your personal injury and let them know you were involved in an accident. Your employer will submit your workers’ comp claim to their insurer.

Take Photos

In the case of negligence due to the employer or manufacturer, you need to show how the negligent party should be held responsible. You should take pictures of where you were injured and any equipment or conditions that contributed to your injury.

Speak To A Santa Barbara, California Lawyer

You should let a personal injury attorney know that you were recently injured and seek their counsel concerning your claim. If denied, your construction accident attorney will review your case and help you build stronger evidence so that you get accurate compensation that truly reflects your personal injury.

Construction Accident FAQs

Every accident is different and can result in complicated injuries that could leave you financially devastated. To find out more information about Santa Barbara, CA construction site accidents, you can review the following FAQs:

What Happens If There Was A Wrongful Death?

The family of employees that die because of a fatal construction accident are owed compensation. Eligible surviving family members and anyone named in the will or estate will obtain damages on their behalf.

What Kind Of Damages Can I Recieve?

You can receive damages for lost wages, medical bills, and more. Wages are typically compensated with a payment of two-thirds the amount of your original paycheck before you were injured. Any medical bills will include expenses that were incurred because of your injuries. In Santa Barbara, workers who have been injured at construction sites will also be compensated with additional benefits. For example, there are permanent disability benefits and free rehabilitation therapy.

What Happens If I File An Appeal?

When you file an appeal with the Santa Barbara clerk of court in the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims, they require new and updated information. Workers can’t submit the same information for injuries they experienced at construction sites when they are filing an appeal. The information being reviewed needs to include new data. Additionally, they have to check their original application for errors. The appeal board will review your claim, reach out to responsible parties to resolve the dispute and schedule a hearing if a resolution cannot be reached.

What If I Have A Permanent Disability?

Employees with permanent disabilities are eligible for additional benefits. However, you must be examined by a doctor after you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement. They will let you know if your disabilities qualify for additional benefits.

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You may be struggling with a terrible injury caused by a workplace accident due to a hazardous conditon. When you are injured, it can be difficult to keep track of your workers’ comp claim, especially if it gets denied. Let a reliable Santa Barbara, CA attorney help manage your case. Our attorneys can also help you file a personal injury claim if that becomes necessary. Contact us today.