Skilled, effective and personable attorney

“I recommend Tyrone Maho as a skilled, effective and personable attorney who will work hard to bring your case to a fair and equitable resolution. I was injured when a Deputy Sheriff ran a red light and T-boned my car. My external injuries appeared minor, but I had internal injuries, some taking months to resolve and leaving me with a significant permanent loss of hearing. A friend recommended that I retain Tyrone Maho, because he is experienced and has a record of representing his clients effectively. Tyrone investigated my injuries thoroughly. He engaged expert witnesses who substantiated my injuries, and a mediator through which he negotiated a successful resolution of our case. Tyrone was helpful to me in explaining the process, and was always responsive and timely in keeping me aware of what was happening and of his strategies in working toward a fair settlement. In addition, a legal case is complex and needs effective people behind the scenes. Tyrone has a good team who were very comfortable with whom to work.”

5 star reviews

- Francis Govean

Professional Service

“I was referred to Tyrone Maho after being the victim of an accident at a local restaurant. I asked local attorneys I know for a good referral to an expert personal injury attorney and Tyrone’s name came up several times. The referrals could not have been better. Tyrone is very professional and kept me up to speed at all times, always letting me know what my options were while being generous with his advice on how to proceed with my best interests in mind. I would not hesitate to use Tyrone again (I hope I never have to…) or to refer Tyrone to my friends and clients.”

5 star reviews

- Steve Epstein

Skilled and Helpful Lawyer

“Dear Tyrone, With Thanksgiving coming up and this year is the 5 year anniversary, I wanted to let you know how grateful I was for your skill and help throughout such a stressful time when I was rear-ended in 2010. It is during those really hard times, especially when recovering from physical trauma as well, that having a lawyer like you on the case makes such a difference. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless”

5 star reviews

- -E.F

Excellent experience

“I recently had an excellent experience was Chad Prentice representing me in a bodily injury case. He and his office staff were always available and friendly. They sincerely cared about me during the entire process. And, Chad is a master negotiator, which proved useful in our interactions with the insurance company and their attorneys. I would describe myself as a “reluctant” client, in that I didn’t want to have to sue the company. Yet, because the legal system is such as it is, the insurance company did not offer me any settlement prior to the two year deadline by which one needs to file a case after an accident. As such, my only recourse was to file in court. Chad helped me to feel comfortable with the steps in the process as we went along. He was personable and professional. ”

5 star reviews

- Cathie Ramus

There should be six stars

“After being injured in an accident with an uninsured motorist, I was at first angry, worried, scared and very frustrated. My insurance wouldn’t do anything for me and said they couldn’t cover because the other person was saying he did have coverage, which he obviously didn’t. I was lost, in pain, no health insurance and only car insurance which was not helpful. I saw Chad Prentice a couple days after my accident, signed a couple of forms, saw a Dr. that Chad recommended and had worked with before (at no cost to me). Chad said he would take care of the rest and that from here on out my job was to feel better. Got a check in the next few days to cover some of my car repairs, didn’t have to talk to anyone else at the insurance company, all my medical bills taken care of, and healthy settlement to boot. Relief is probably the best word to describe what I felt after going through such trauma. Chad Prentice made quick work of the insurance company which was treating me like a piece of trash, got me fixed up with the doctors and alleviated all the bad things that came with the accident. Chad is a true professional, kept me up to date on how things were going, gave me a realistic advice on how everything would go, made his staff readily available when I had questions and really just made a literally painful situation kind of just go away. There should be six stars for this kind of service.”

5 star reviews

- Joel Perez

I was referred to Maho

“I was referred to Maho and Prentice because a couple of years ago I was involved in a Personal Injury accident against the City of Santa Barbara. I fell in a broken water meter hole and the city refused to accept responsibility for my accident. I was ignored by the city and the doctor bills started to pile up. I was unable to seek the treatment that I needed for fear that the city would continue to ignore me. I was referred to Mr. Chad Prentice to assist me in my case and it was possibly the best referral I have ever received. Immediately, Mr. Prentice took over and I felt that I actually had someone on my side. He was always available when I had questions and always kept me informed. He was always honest with the facts and always kept me in the loop as far as the case went. We went all the way to trial and I was blown away at how incredible he was. He got to city to admit they never reviewed my case before they denied it and we won!!! He was amazing!!! extremely kind and professional. He was always respectful to all the witnesses and was truly phenomenal in all his examination. The best trial Lawyer ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I would without a doubt recommend him and his firm to anyone that needs someone honest, hardworking, and kind on their side. He actually cares for his clients and that is a rare trait to find in that profession!!. His legal assistant Andrea was extremely wonderful as well. You will never regret the choice to hire Maho and Prentice!!!!”

5 star reviews

- Sian Harden

Chad is very knowledgeable in the area

“My experience with the firm and Chad Prentice, in particular, was very positive. Chad is very knowledgeable in the area of personal injury law. He is highly professional yet easy to talk to and is a pleasure to work with. I am especially impressed with Chad’s experience in handling bicycle accident cases. Chad proved to be an excellent negotiator and unyielding in the settlement phase of my case. Additionally, the MahoPrentice office staff are helpful, responsive and professional. I highly recommend the firm.”

5 star reviews

- A Google User


“IMPRESSIVE RESULTS. From our first meeting to the final settlement, Tyrone Maho demonstrated a high level of competence and knowledge. He showed empathy and concern for the injury sustained in my car accident, and assured me he would work diligently to get the best possible legal outcome on my behalf. He did, with great success. Throughout the process,Tyrone and his staff were easy to reach and available to answer my questions and concerns. Calls and messages were always promptly returned. The firm worked as a team, each contributing their expertise as needed. This level of dedication, skills and organization is rare. Finally, and without a doubt, Tyrone’s powerful style, professional demeanor and confidence were instrumental in a very successful outcome, surpassing all expectations. In a word: IMPRESSIVE. I recommend Maho & Prentice without any reservation. Muriel, January 2012”

5 star reviews

- Muriel

Tyrone was there guiding

“If you want the best possible outcome for your case I recommend Tyrone Maho. Settling a case can be a long, stressful procedure. Tyrone was there guiding and supporting me at all the critical times. He was experienced and very well-prepared. I was especially impressed with his knowledge and thoroughness in preparing to go to court. Tyrone’s firm worked efficiently, keeping the expenses for my case at a minimum. Because of his legal knowledge and preparation, we settled out of court for a very generous sum. I was very happy with my settlement and had an excellent experience with Tyrone. I highly recommend him”

5 star reviews

- A Google User

Having never sued anyone for personally injury

“Having never sued anyone for personally injury, I was in a real quandary to know what to do or where to go when my foot was crushed by an absent-minded, and blithe waiter. Rather than properly attempt to address the issue, the owner of this local restaurant chose to treat me with contempt. Having grown up in the restaurant business in a family who based their business upon good food, great fun and integrity, I was shocked and in serious trouble – facing massive medical bills. When I asked around, I specifically asked for the smartest and most competent personal injury attorney in town and was often referred to Chad Prentice of Maho and Prentice. There are times in my life, when I just feel lucky, and this was one of those days. Chad was right by my side throughout the deposition, helping to keep me cool and calm. He told me to tell the truth and all would be well, so I did that very thing. In the end, we were able to settle for what was a fair amount. My legal and medical bills were paid and I was able to get the surgery I needed from one of the top surgeons in the country. My best advice to everyone is to avoid litigation if you can. It is stressful, boring and a time consuming difficult process. All that being said, if you must litigate for a personal injury problem, visit Chad Prentice and his team first. It is not often that I have been in a position to call an attorney honorable, but Chad is all that and more. His ethics and integrity as a lawyer are above reproach. And though it is highly unlikely you will lose with Chad at the helm, (most attorneys avoid losing cases like the plague), even if you were to lose, you can be certain you will have done your best by choosing a team that will allow you to hold your head high. I am a lucky girl.” – Gail Knight Steinbeck”

5 star reviews

- Gail Knight

Highly recommended!!!!

“Tyrone & his staff went above and beyond with professionalism, communication,& recommendations on my 2 year case. Not knowing anyone in our new location and being hit by a car on my bike, self employed & not being able to work for months…we are more than satisfied with the final outcome. Highly recommended!!!!”

5 star reviews

- Kimberley Victor

I highly recommend

“Chad and Tyrone redefine the stereotype of personal injury lawyers. The team in their Santa Barbara office make you feel comfortable and at home when visiting their office. I highly recommend making them your first stop when looking for a lawyer in Santa Barbara.”

5 star reviews

- Doug Holt

Highly recommend this firm.

“The staff at Maho Prentice are incredibly kind and patient. When searching to work with lawyers who truly care, this firm is by far the first I would choose. For personal injury lawyers, having individuals who are professional, trustworthy, and kind to work with are extremely important factors in my opinion. Highly recommend this firm.”

5 star reviews

- Darcy Curry

If you need any representation in or around Santa Barbara

“I owe my emotional safety and financial security to Tyrone Maho. After being hit by a driver who ran a red light, I was left with fear, uncertainty, and not a clue of what to do. I’d never been in a severe automobile accident, my car was totaled, I was in and out of medical treatment for nearly three years, and I’ve been left with permanent nerve damage in my arm. Tyrone gave me the confidence to keep pushing through when I doubted the process, he gave me the courage to keep fighting for what I deserved whenever I felt overwhelmed against the insurance company, and every step of the way he provided wise council and reassurance. His presence assumes control of the situation, which allowed me to relax and simply show up to my medical appointments. A special thanks to Andrea Johnson as well for her experience and support, her role was invaluable working through my reports and keeping me updated on the case. If you need any representation in or around Santa Barbara, I can only recommend Tyrone Maho of Maho Prentice.”

5 star reviews

- Mike Wilson

Chad represented my wife Tina

“Chad represented my wife Tina in a personal injury lawsuit a few years ago. It was a soft tissue injury case, and Chad demonstrated his knowledge of and experience with soft tissue injuries. Chad is patient and kind but also a tough negotiator. Tina received a nice settlement. Chad goes above and beyond the call of duty, making himself available for advice and questions during the lawsuit process, walking every step of the way with his client during the settlement process, and even giving advice long after the case is settled. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer who will give you personal attention and will go to bat for you, you should call Chad Prentice.”

5 star reviews

- George Meade

Miracle Worker sums up my legal experience

“Miracle Worker sums up my legal experience with Mr. Chad Prentice. After seeking legal help only to be turned down by several other Santa Barbara attorneys, Chad Prentice not only agreed to represent me, but he successfully obtained a settlement that far surpassed any figure I could have imagined. Thank you Mr. Prentice, you have changed my life.”

5 star reviews

- Helen Raudes

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“I can highly recommend Maho / Prentice attorneys at law. Chad Prentice has represented me twice now and done an excellent job each time. The first time in a personal injury settlement which resulted in me receiving the maximum benefit. The second time was an insurance matter where I was being sued in a subrogation case. Chad was able to get me removed as a defendant thus ending the insurance company’s claim against me. It’s a great lawyer that can work both sides of the street. And I can say with great confidence, not only are they good they’re also super nice. And as if that's not enough, They are fair with their fees too. If you have any need for a PI lawyer you won’t go wrong with Maho / Prentice and their excellent team.”

5 star reviews

- Phil Henius

Professionalism, Responsiveness

“The team at Maho Prentice has been great. I had to get surgery after a car accident and they checked in on me and my recovery periodically to make sure I was healing well which really emphasized how much they cared about returning me back to a healthy state. Wrapping up my case was nearly 100% virtual due to COVID and they were still very responsive, supportive, emphatic, and advisable on everything that went into getting this completed. In addition, they all communicated very well between each other with clear goals and tasks for each person to complete. If you're looking for a law office, definitely stop by Maho Prentice. Tyrone (partner), Jessica (associate attorney), and Samantha (legal assistant) are the best of the best in or around Santa Barbara.”

5 star reviews

- Heather Howell

3 years ago

“I was fortunate to find the Maho/Prentice, LLP Attorneys at Law. Not having any experience with how to navigate the logistical side of a car accident. Their professional approach in guiding me through a time of uncertainty was comforting to say the least. Their team communicates very well, which allows decision making to be easy and straight forward. If you find yourself needing legal advice I strongly recommend calling them.”

5 star reviews

- Thomas Asmann

Working with the staff at Maho Prentice LLP

“Working with the staff at Maho Prentice LLP was a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Every member of the staff was friendly, courteous, and professional. I highly recommend their services and will use them again myself.”

5 star reviews

- Aaron Thomas

I had a wonderful experienc

“I had a wonderful experience working with Chad and Andrea. Their professional and caring approach immediately put me at ease. The team’s communication throughout the process was wonderful. I would highly recommend them!”

5 star reviews

- Liz Portnoy

Tyrone and his staff were empathetic partners

“Tyrone and his staff were empathetic partners in our legal battle. We couldn't have been happier with his work on our behalf!”

5 star reviews

- Art Tracewell

It's apparent this team works really hard

“It's apparent this team works really hard to make their clients feel secure, and well cared for. I had a great experience working with Chad, Sam, Andrea and the rest of their team! :)”

5 star reviews

- Haley DePass

I have had a great experience with this law office

“I have had a great experience with this law office. Ms. Baldwin is amazing and I am very grateful to her and her team for the outcome of my case. She answered all of my questions very promptly and made the situation as stress free as possible. I met Mr. Prentice who was also very nice. I am happy with my decision to choose them to represent me in this matter. I cannot thank them enough.”

5 star reviews

- Yesenia Tellez

After being in a car accident my grandma

“After being in a car accident my grandma could barely walk and lived in terrible pain due to her injuries. Chad Prentice helped make sure my grandma received all of the medical treatment she needed including a back surgery. After the surgery my grandma was able to walk and was pain free. I can’t recommend Maho & Prentice enough. Chad gave me my grandma back!!!! Thank you so much!”

5 star reviews

- Leslie McNabb

Insurance giving me the run around

“After my car accident and insurance giving me the run around, I'm very glad I received Mr. Maho's information, very professional, straight forward and put my mind at ease.”

5 star reviews

- Carmen Perez Lopez

Never give up actions on my behalf

“This time last week (7/30), I was sitting in the office of Maho Prentice with Samantha and Chad. The journey ended, I got paid!!! I'm so grateful for their excellent, dogmatic, never give up actions on my behalf. God Bless them and the firm always!!! Looking for a Law Firm? I highly recommend Maho & Prentice!!!”

5 star reviews

- Brenda White

Chad, Sam, and the rest of the team were helpful

“Chad, Sam, and the rest of the team were helpful, courteous and professional throughout my entire experience with them. They guided me through the whole process smoothly and explained everything in terms I could understand easily. Communication was always consistent and clear. I encourage anyone who may be looking for an attorney for the first time to reach out to Maho Prentice, they will take care of you and you'll feel comfortable knowing you're in good hands. Can't say enough good things about Chad and his team!”

5 star reviews

- Jeff Blair

I am so grateful for the help

“I am so grateful for the help afforded me by Maho & Prentice. I hired Tyrone Maho to help me with a personal injury suit following a serious attack on my person. Tyrone was unwaveringly supportive and committed; I am not sure I would have seen my case through without his help. Tyrone was by my and my family's side from the very beginning of the case, exploring absolutely every option with us and making sure we were well prepared for each new step and comfortable with every decision. The whole office at Maho & Prentice is hardworking and professional and communicated with us consistently. The final outcome of my case surpassed everyone's expectations, and I am so appreciative of the time, work, and patience that went into our 5-year fight.”

5 star reviews

- Amy Gregory

Tyrone completely put me at ease

“Tyrone completely put me at ease throughout the entire process. 100% recommend.”

5 star reviews

- Jason Fightmaster

Tyrone was so great to work with.

“Tyrone was so great to work with. He made the process stress-free as he and his staff took care of all the details of our case and clearly communicated exactly what they needed from us. We were able to move on with our life while Tyrone worked expertly on our case. In the end, we received much greater compensation than we would have on our own and we felt taken care of the whole way. We are so thankful for our experience working with Tyrone Maho and his staff.”

5 star reviews

- M C

I was involved in a Bike Accident

“I was involved in a Bike Accident where the driver pulled out in front of me into the bike lane. I tried to work with the insurance company but when they informed me that they believed me to be 40% at fault I decided I needed a attorney to better represent my interest in this case. I contacted Tyrone Maho and from the beginning he was up front and confident that the end results would be the right results. Tyrone and Company took care of everything from the medical liens to dealing with the insurance company and their attorneys and filing all the legal forms. After 3 depositions, countless medical exams and hours of mediation the case was settled 14 moths later just a few months shy of our court date. Tyrone is a part of the Santa Barbara legal community and this is a advantage when working a case locally as he know his way around the system and the right approach to take when preparing for a case for our courts. In the end Tyrone was able to negotiate a very good settlement that I would not have been able to do so without his representation. I would recommend you contact Maho & Prentice if you are in need of a personal injury attorney.”

5 star reviews

- Budd Jamieson

Tyrone Maho represented me in my injury lawsuit

“Tyrone Maho represented me in my injury lawsuit, and I could not have asked for better representation. He kept up excellent communication each step of the way, keeping me informed of all that was happening. He and his office staff were efficient and responded quickly to my questions and concerns. In the end, Mr. Maho obtained a very good settlement from the defendant's insurance company, and I would highly recommend him.”

5 star reviews

- Karin

Chad Prentice and his staff were wonderful!

“Chad Prentice and his staff were wonderful! Never needing the advice of an attorney before, Chad made me feel extremely comfortable and reassuring. Chad and his staff kept me informed throughout the process and were always available if I had any questions. I highly recommend the office of Maho and Prentice.”

5 star reviews

- Joella Shellhart

I am happy that I turned my auto accident case over to the firm.

“I am happy that I turned my auto accident case over to the firm. Chad Prentice made me feel very comfortable, and I trusted that he would act fairly in my behalf. This relieved me of the stress of dealing with the insurance company, and he was able to settle the case to my satisfaction. I highly recommend the firm.”

5 star reviews

- Nancy Keele

Tyrone and his office staff really took care of me

“Tyrone and his office staff really took care of me when I needed them. The firm handled everything perfectly from start to finish. Their understanding staff made my first time dealing with legal issues way better than expected. Tyrone's has the ability to understand my needs and communicate in a way I understand.”

5 star reviews

- Eric Lee

I have been using Maho and Prentice LLP for over 20 years

“I have been using Maho and Prentice LLP for over 20 years for many of my business and personal needs. Both Chad and Tyrone take personal pride in providing the highest level of service. I use them exclusively for business and have referred them to family, friends and clients for personal injury cases to Defense matters. I trust them implicitly to handle all my legal needs. I highly recommend these professionals to anyone looking for a personal approach to legal resolution.”

5 star reviews

- Jess Settem

My husband and I were involved in a head on collision

“My husband and I were involved in a head on collision on Christmas Day 2015. Although I basically walked away with minor cuts & bruises, my husband was pinned in the car. It took 3 months and 9 operations to get him home and it has just been a year that he has been weight bearing on both legs. We were referred to Tyrone and even though we live in the Coachella Valley, Tyrone made the trip out to meet with us. He also made a subsequent trip for another meeting. We found him to be professional, compassionate, very communicative and easy to work with. His negotiations with the medical insurance & driver's insurance company were amazing and we realized a settlement beyond our expectations. The entire case was settled in 14 months. If you are looking for a great attorney, Tyrone Maho is your guy!! Thank you Tyrone for everything.”

5 star reviews

- Bette Taback

If you live out in California and need an attorney

“If you live out in California and need an attorney, I would highly recommend you call Maho and Prentice. Mr. Maho and his group were great to work with. They handled my case quickly and kept me informed at every step even though I move across the country. They took my case after another attorney stated he did not feel my case was strong enough after having my records and evidence for 4 months. These guys listened to me and actually looked at the evidence I gave them. My case was settled for the max the woman had on her policy.”

5 star reviews

- Michael Abramowitz

I was in a car accident in 2013

“I was in a car accident in 2013. The next business day I went into office of Maho & Prentice for a consultation and by the end of the meeting I was confident I hired the right firm for my case. Tyrone Maho, his partner Chad Prentice, and their office staff did a terrific job of explaining the ins & outs of a would-be daunting insurance case and made sure I received treatment for my injury immediately from some of the best professionals in town. Their staff was always very responsive in their communication and the firm fought hard to successfully settle my case. Would highly recommend.”

5 star reviews

- Isaiah Weddle

Have referred many of my clients to Maho Prentice

“Have referred many of my clients to Maho Prentice and consider them to be a trusted partner who treat our clients with the same professionalism and attention to detail as our team does. They hold themselves to the highest standard, which is what it takes to win ultimate success.”

5 star reviews

- Patrick Flood

Very professional

“Very professional, straightforward and supportive lawyer.”

5 star reviews

- Susan Levi

If you have the misfortune

“If you have the misfortune of needing a personal injury lawyer look no further, Chad Prentice and his amazing team will guide you through every step of the way with expert advice, kindness and compassion.”

5 star reviews

- Sondra Perkins

Mr. Maho fought the big guns

“Mr. Maho fought the big guns on my behalf. I am very grateful.”

5 star reviews

- Susie Martin

Professional very helpful

“Professional very helpful”

5 star reviews

- Vickie Hatmaker