Staying safe in a rideshare

Ridesharing has changed how California residents get from place to place. The ease and convenience of scheduling trips with smartphones have revolutionized an industry where buses and taxi cabs once dominated the roads. Not all is positive when it comes to this new type of travel. Essentially Uber and Lyft customers are getting in cars […]

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Prevent accidents in restaurants

Restaurant owners may be most concerned with serving high-quality food and maintaining a safe facility for their customers. However, it is also important to consider the safety of the employees. When people work in a high-traffic environment, there are many opportunities for them to slip and fall on the job. It is important for restaurant […]

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What counts as an attractive nuisance in premises liability?

Keeping your property safe for children is an important part of being a landowner. One of the most overlooked aspects of this responsibility is how to deal with attractive nuisances.  According to FindLaw, an attractive nuisance is something on your property that draws young children but is not safe for them to use or play with. […]

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The number of phone-addicted drivers doubled last year

As in-vehicle cellphone use became more and more common in recent years, numerous states including California enacted new laws limiting how drivers are able to use phones while behind the wheel. A new report on the prevalence of distracted driving, however, is suggesting that far more needs to happen in order to prevent distracted driving-related […]

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Harm caused by an aggressive dog may result in a legal action

California laws hold dog owners strictly liable for any injuries caused to humans and other animals that occur while on public property. Even when a pet does not have a known history of aggressive behavior, its owner has the responsibility of covering a victim’s medical expenses. Compensation may require payment for a victim’s hospital or […]

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