Symptoms to Look for After a Slip & Fall

Written by: Jessica L. Phillips Symptoms to Look for After a Fall from Height At Maho Prentice, LLP, we can provide strong legal representation to individuals who have experienced injuries due to falls resulting from someone else’s negligence. Our experienced team of attorneys is well-versed in personal injury law and can help you recover the […]

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Can You Get a Concussion Without Hitting Your Head?

Written by: Tyrone J. Maho While most concussions involve some form of impact to the head, there’s the question of those that don’t. Easy scenarios like car accidents, physical abuse, and some other incidents can be easily connected to an ensuing head injury. Other scenarios leave room for questioning whether a concussion occurred or not.  […]

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Staying safe in a rideshare

Written by: Jessica L. Phillips Ridesharing has changed how California residents get from place to place. The ease and convenience of scheduling trips with smartphones have revolutionized an industry where buses and taxi cabs once dominated the roads. Not all is positive when it comes to this new type of travel. Essentially Uber and Lyft […]

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Prevent accidents in restaurants

Written by: Tyrone J. Maho Restaurant owners may be most concerned with serving high-quality food and maintaining a safe facility for their customers. However, it is also important to consider the safety of the employees. When people work in a high-traffic environment, there are many opportunities for them to slip and fall on the job. […]

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What counts as an attractive nuisance in premises liability?

Written by: Jessica L. Phillips Keeping your property safe for children is an important part of being a landowner. One of the most overlooked aspects of this responsibility is how to deal with attractive nuisances.  According to FindLaw, an attractive nuisance is something on your property that draws young children but is not safe for them […]

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