Premises Liability

The lure of attractive nuisances

Written by: Tyrone J. Maho For many homeowners, putting in a swimming pool is the realization of a longtime dream. The chance to swim, play, and just unwind in the water without having to leave their backyard is only one of the many perks. Like many other recreational amenities, a pool is considered an “attractive […]

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The importance of ensuring safe and secure parking lots

Written by: Chad M. Prentice When you are going to an appointment, shopping or doing errands, the simple act of parking your car and walking to a building or store is a routine activity. However, hidden dangers exist that can result in a fall or other injuries that can be serious and life changing. Those […]

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Premises liability and your home — how you can protect yourself

Written by: Chad M. Prentice When you hear about a slip-and-fall accident that seriously injured someone, the incident typically happened in a store, mall, hotel, office building or other place that is open to the public. But a severe fall injury can happen on any property, including somebody’s home. If you get hurt in a […]

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