Pedestrian Accidents

The risks pedestrians face have never been greater

Written by: Chad M. Prentice Pedestrians have always faced risks when they go out for a walk, particularly when traveling in close proximity to motor vehicles. Whether for leisure, exercise, or to get from place to place, walking near busy roads has always been potentially hazardous. In one split second, an “encounter” with an inattentive […]

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Pedestrians, protect yourself from motor vehicle injury

Written by: Chad M. Prentice Pedestrian safety is a serious issue in California, with lawmakers and residents from Los Angeles to San Francisco calling for better measures to prevent serious and often fatal auto accidents involving citizens on foot. In fact, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration reports 867 pedestrian fatalities in California car […]

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Pedestrian deaths on the rise

Written by: Chad M. Prentice One of the worst areas in the country for pedestrians is in California. Overall, Bakersfield was ranked as the seventh most dangerous city in the nation regarding pedestrian fatalities. However, it is one of just two of the 10 most dangerous metro areas for pedestrians located outside of Florida. Overall, […]

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California pedestrians need to walk safely

Written by: Tyrone J. Maho On any given day during any season in every community across the nation pedestrians are out walking. It is important that while pedestrians are out and about that they are safe. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2016 alone, 5,987 pedestrians were killed in accidents with motor […]

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Pedestrians at risk from distracted driving

Written by: Jessica L. Phillips Taking a walk in California can become unexpectedly dangerous when a negligent or distracted driver causes a severe crash. There has been a rise in the number of pedestrian deaths in fatal motor vehicle accidents, and some experts note that an increase in distracted driving may be a major cause […]

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