Motorcycle Accidents

A dangerous and deadly trend in California and nationwide

Similar to many other states, the year 2020 saw a reduction in traffic-related deaths, with approximately 2,200 fatalities in California, a drop from 3,690 in 2019. Due to various lockdowns and business closures related to the coronavirus, people have driven less, leaving vehicles parked at curbs and in driveways and garages. Fewer cars and trucks […]

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Can footage from a helmet camera help win an accident lawsuit?

California laws allow individuals injured by a motor vehicle to use footage from a mounted dashboard or body camera to prove their claim. Saved video footage with a date and timestamp may help show the court which party is at fault when catastrophic injuries occur.  Footage that logs a vehicle’s GPS coordinates may help win […]

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How can motorcyclists protect themselves on the road?

It is the responsibility of all motorists to preserve the safety of themselves and others on the road. Motorcyclists must be particularly vigilant about safety since they lack the protection of a larger passenger vehicle. While you cannot always prevent accidents from occurring, the following motorcycle safety tips can help you avoid them when at all possible.  […]

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Motorcycle accident sends California restaurant owner to ICU

A collision between a motorcycle and a car or truck in California often has a greater negative effect on the motorcyclist than on the occupants of the other vehicle. However, a particularly horrific accident between a motorcycle and an SUV in Escondido approximately a week ago sent the motorcyclist, a 33-year-old woman and local entrepreneur, to the […]

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California gas company settles with injured motorcyclist for $46M

In a devastating roadway accident, a California gas company driver struck a motorcyclist stopped at a red light and dragged him while pinned underneath his pickup truck. The motorcyclist stayed lodged under the moving vehicle for at least 430 feet on a busy suburban street. It required the help of other motorists to surround the […]

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