For California motorcycle riders, staying safe and avoiding becoming involved in crashes is essential. Due to the lack of protection even a minor accident could have a major impact on motorcycle riders. Bosch, an auto industry supplier, believes that adding air jets to a motorcycle could make it safer.

Bosch said that the air jets would help prevent a motorcyclist from losing control of the vehicle when the wheel slips. A sensor would be installed on the motorcycle to detect wheel slip. When the sensor senses that the motorcycle is beginning to slide sideways, gas would be released from an accumulator, providing just enough force to prevent the motorcycle from completely slipping. The motorcyclist would be able to regain control of the bike and prevent a potential spill.

The company noted that the air jet would be similar to an airbag, meaning that it could only be used once. Bosch did not discuss whether or not the part could be replaced. However, the company did not other systems that it had in the works for motorcycles, including a collision warning system, adaptive cruise control and blind-spot recognition. Finally, it also noted that they hoped to introduce a motorcycle-to-car communication system that could warn drivers that motorcycles were approaching.

Motorcyclists are always at risk for becoming injured in an accident, especially when a vehicle is involved. This is because motorists often do not see motorcyclists and end up striking them or cutting in front of them. If a motorist is responsible for causing a motorcycle crash, the injured motorcyclist could file a claim against the motorist. A personal injury attorney may work with the motorist’s insurance company to seek the maximum settlement award that may be available based on the severity of the motorcyclist’s injuries and any other resulting damages.

By Maho | Prentice, LLP Attorneys at Law on May 24, 2018