Scooter Laying On The Road

Electric scooters, also known as e-scooters, are becoming increasingly common in the U.S., especially in urban locations. The rise in popularity is due to their low-cost maintenance, ease of use, and eco-friendly design. If you have any type of driver’s license, you can use an electric scooter in California. While electric scooter owners do not need to register the devices with the DMV, they do need to follow scooter laws in California. 

Rules and Regulations for Riding Electric Scooters in California

The minimum age requirement for operating an electric scooter in California is 16 years old. Under California Vehicle Code 21235, minors under 18 have to wear helmets when using electric scooters. The helmet should fit properly and be fastened. 

Initially, all electric scooter riders in California were required to wear helmets, but this law was relaxed and adults are no longer required to wear helmets. The maximum speed is 15 miles per hour. This speed limit ensures the safety of the rider and other road users. Any rider found to be going above this speed limit could face legal penalties, including hefty fines. 

Riders are also required to keep the e-scooter in designated bike lanes or pathways when available. These lanes are typically located on the right of the road and accommodate one-way riding only. The scooters can be operated on sidewalks. If there are no sidewalks, then the scooter can be operated on the right-hand side of the road. 

California laws prohibit passengers from riding on an e-scooter. Having any passengers greatly reduces the maneuverability of the scooter and increases the risk of being involved in an accident. 

Just like other vehicles on the road, e-scooters also need to follow parking laws. California requires riders to park the scooters in specially designated areas, such as e-scooter racks. Basic parking rules such as not blocking other vehicles, leaving enough space for other uses, and not blocking building entryways, also apply to e-scooters. 

For more information on electric scooter regulations in California, contact an attorney. 

Common Accidents and Injuries Related to Electric Scooters

Common electric scooter accidents include crashes with another vehicle, road hazards, mechanical or electrical malfunctions of the device, and loss of control. Riders who are not experienced might find it challenging to control the machine in crowded areas or when trying to maneuver in tight spaces. In some cases, weather conditions can also contribute to e-scooter accidents. 

Injuries sustained in electric scooter crashes can often be serious. The most common types of injuries include fractures and contusions. However, any part of the body can get hurt depending on the nature of the collision. The head and neck are often vulnerable spots, which is why it helps to use a helmet whenever riding an electric scooter. 

Steps to Take In Case of an Electric Scooter Accident

If you get into an electric scooter accident, your first step should be to get medical attention for any injuries that you may have suffered. It’s common for victims to feel that they don’t need medical attention in the immediate aftermath of an accident. However, as the adrenaline settles down, they might experience symptoms that require medical treatment. 

The electric scooter might be severely damaged in the accident and might not be operational. If you think the scooter is unsafe to use, don’t try to ride it as that can result in further accidents. 

You should also collect evidence that is readily available at the site. For example, you can take photos or videos of the accident site, and get contact information of other parties involved in the accident. In serious accidents, police will arrive to make an incident report. You should cooperate with the law enforcement officials. Even if you are not at fault, you should never leave the scene of the accident. 

Legal Recourse and Compensation for Electric Scooter Injuries

For legal guidance and representation for electric scooter injuries, get in touch with a skilled attorney. Contact Maho Prentice, LLP to schedule a consultation with our electric scooter accident attorneys. Our team is well-versed in California e-scooter laws and can fight to get you the maximum possible compensation for your suffering.

By otmseo on March 4, 2024