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Slip and Fall Lawyer in Oxnard, Ventura County

Written by: Portrait Photo Of Tyrone J. Maho Tyrone J. Maho

A slip and fall accident may be common and seem harmless, but it does send millions of Americans into the ER every year- not to mention the sheer number of calls we receive to pursue a slip and fall claim. Slip and fall cases often arise out of the negligence of the property and because proper conditions have not been maintained, putting visitors and workers in grave danger. 

If you were injured due to dangerous conditions, you have the right to file a claim and obtain compensation from the person legally responsible for your fall. However, before going ahead with injury claims, it is best to consult with personal injury lawyers as they can advise you as to what your next steps should be, what you need to do to give your best shot at recovering compensation, and educate you on applicable laws and rules. Maho Prentice, LLP has decades of combined legal experience handling complicated fall cases that resulted in serious consequences. 

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What Causes Slip and Fall Accidents?

If you have fallen and injured yourself on another person’s property, and it was due to the dangerous condition and poor maintenance of the property, then you may be entitled to fair compensation to cover your medical treatment and for the pain and suffering undergone by you. Here are the details to know whether you have a valid Oxnard slip and fall case or not:

How To Prove Liability in a Slip and Fall Case

To prove that the property owner has been negligent, an unsafe condition must have caused your personal injury as per the premises liability law. A simple slip-up or stumble is not enough to prove negligence. Here are some examples of dangerous conditions:

  • Cracking in walkway surfaces and elevation changes in the walkway concrete or asphalt
  • Not putting up warning signs where construction is taking place or any area that is not fit for use or walking
  • Uneven stairs
  • A badly maintained sidewalk that resulted in cracking and unevenness. 
  • Presence of debris or holes 
  • Wet surfaces
  • Slippery floors due to debris, liquid, or other foreign objects
  • Unsafe or unsuitable floor coverings 
  • General hazardous objects left on the walkway 
  • Inadequate lighting or drainage

California law says the owner is liable if he/she caused the dangerous condition to exist, knows about the danger in time to remedy it or warn about it, or if the hazard existed long enough that the owner should have known about it (constructive notice). It is one of the most tricky things to prove in a personal injury claim. If the fall has occurred in one of the office buildings, the business is likely to keep an incident log that helps identify the cause of the accident. It can sometimes also provide information about how long the owner knew of the issue that caused the fall. Surveillance footage is also a vital piece of evidence to prove negligence. The premises liability law also states that the property owner does not have to make the property fool-proof; however, they must undertake reasonable steps to make it safe. 

Since there are many factors to consider regarding whether your claim will stick or not, it is best to consult with a personal injury attorney experienced in Oxnard slip and fall cases. Contact Maho Prentice, LLP and schedule a free consultation for your slip and fall case.

What Injuries Can You Get From Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall cases are some of the most common ones that occur. While falls may seem harmless, sometimes they can cause severe injuries for the accident victim. As per CDC, the most common reason for traumatic brain injuries is falling. In some rare cases, an Oxnard slip and fall can also cause wrongful death due to someone else’s negligence. 

Other injuries that are frequently encountered in fall claims include:

  • Head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones 
  • Abrasions 
  • Broken teeth 

In Ventura County, an injured person has to bear high medical bills, not to mention the disruption to their life. Contact Maho Prentice, LLP for a fair settlement from the party responsible for your slip and fall. Our personal injury lawyers are experienced, diligent and transparent – we know the ins and outs of the law and are your best bet of getting the maximum compensation you deserve. 

Steps To Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Here is what to do after you have been in a slip and fall accident:

Get Medical Help

Get yourself checked immediately. Apart from the perspective of maintaining your well-being, medical bills prove to be strong evidence of the length of injuries and pain suffered by you. Some injuries may also be internal or develop over time; hence it is crucial to make timely visits to a medical professional. 

Report the Incident Immediately

You need to report that you have fallen and been hurt to the building manager or the property owner as soon as possible. The owner should make a formal incident report, and you need to ask for a copy. If you need to go to the hospital right away, remember to return for the report. 

Providing Your Version Of Events

A fall can easily disorient you, so you need to be careful of what you say. In any case, do not admit fault or be excessively apologetic. Stick to the facts and narrate what happened. If you say anything that is open to interpretation, it could hurt your chances of getting compensation. 

Get Witness’s Information

Get the contact information from all the people who witnessed your accident so that they can back up your story in front of the owner if required. 

Take Photographic Evidence

Remember to take pictures of the scene and the premises that caused your slip and fall accident. It is also vital to time stamp your pictures so that the responsible party cannot just remove the evidence. 

Get a Lawyer

You need to contact a slip and fall lawyer Oxnard as soon as you can if you want to file a claim. Our law firm can help you gather information and statements related to your slip and fall. We also help you negotiate with the owner’s insurance company, guide you about the applicable laws, and utilize our experience and resources at your disposal to help fight for your rights. 

Why Do You Need an Experienced Slip and Fall Accident Attorney?

You do not need a personal injury attorney who does not treat your case like every other case they have handled. Instead, it would be best if you had someone willing to work with you to come up with unique solutions and strategies that will fit perfectly to your claim – that’s us – Maho Prentice, LLP

Our close-knit team of lawyers has more than six decades of experience between them. After having represented both defendants and plaintiffs, it is safe to say that they have a fair bit of knowledge of what works, what the process is, and what outcomes to expect. 

Our wealth of knowledge and invaluable resources have proved to be extremely helpful for our clients in getting them the justice they deserve. When you come to us, we listen without judgment and always have an open ear. Let us help you. 

We have successfully advised and helped our clients get the compensation they require to pay off their medical bills and live their lives unhindered and with dignity. However little or big, an accident can be traumatic, and we understand that. If you are unsure about anything, contact our law firm, and we will advise you of the best options available to you.