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Motorcycle Safety

Written by: Portrait Photo Of Tyrone J. Maho Tyrone J. Maho

Motorcycles are some of the most exciting and exhilarating vehicles, providing a feeling of freedom and a sense of speed to any rider. However, they can also be among the most dangerous since they offer no protection to the rider and their smaller size means drivers may not always be able to spot them. Car drivers should be more careful and attentive regarding motorcycle riders, but motorcyclists also have a responsibility to ride safely and carefully.

If a motorcycle rider gets into an accident with a car, there is a good possibility that the car driver will be the one responsible for the collision. If you are a motorcycle rider in Santa Barbara and have been injured in an accident, contact the motorcycle accident attorneys at Maho Prentice, LLP. We will help you fight for your rights and recover the compensation you deserve.

Maho Prentice is a personal injury law firm with decades of experience handling motorcycle accident cases, so we know how devastating a motorcycle accident can be. We are dedicated to helping motorcyclists get the compensation they need.

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The Principles of Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle riders need to know how to operate their vehicles safely in order to avoid being in an accident. A safe rider follows the rules of the road and wears the proper safety gear to keep themselves safe. There are some important steps a motorcycle rider can take, including:

Get Properly Licensed

Every state requires that a motorcycle rider obtain a motorcycle license before operating their vehicle. That means riders must become familiar with the rules pertaining to motorcycles and must learn how to ride motorcycles safely. That knowledge can help keep them safe and on the right side of the law.

Check Your Motorcycle Regularly

Safety is essential no matter what kind of vehicle you are driving. However, it is especially important for a motorcycle rider because any equipment failure could have devastating consequences. That is why you should regularly check or have a professional check all the critical components of your motorcycle. Tires, brakes, and lights are just some items that should always be in proper working order.

If you are carrying any cargo, you should make sure that it is properly secured and loaded so that it does not create an imbalance that might adversely affect the motorcycle’s handling.

Wear The Right Protection

A helmet is the most important element of protection and the rider should always wear it regardless of their level of expertise. Not only does it protect the rider’s head, but it is also required under California law.

The helmet should fit comfortably and not be too tight or too loose. It should also be US Department of Transportation compliant, should not have any cracks or defects, and should be securely fastened. If the helmet has a face shield, it should be shatter-resistant and provide clear visibility. If the helmet does not have face protection, you should also wear other eye protection, such as goggles.

You should also wear clothing made of a thick, durable material like leather or denim that covers your limbs. Shoes or boots should ideally go over the ankle. Gloves are not necessary, but they can add an extra layer of protection under certain circumstances. Clothing should be comfortable but not so loose that it flaps in the wind.

Make Sure Your Passengers are Safe

Your passengers should follow the same safety procedures as you, including the helmet and the right kind of clothing. Their feet should be on footrests at all times, and they should keep their legs away from the muffler. Any passenger should hold on to the hips, waist, or belt of the rider and avoid moving around. Your passenger should lean when you do and should not dismount until you say that it is safe to do so.

Follow the Rules of the Road

Although motorcycles must follow many of the same rules as cars, there are rules unique to them, such as those governing lane splitting. Lane splitting takes place when a motorcyclist rides between traffic lanes, usually when the traffic is stationary or slow-moving. Even though lane splitting is legal in California, riders are encouraged to use caution when attempting it.

Do Not Ride Under the Influence

The dangers associated with driving under the influence are exacerbated when it comes to riding a bike. That is because an intoxicated motorcyclist could end up badly hurting themselves.

Contact Maho Prentice, LLP If You Were in a Motorcycle Accident

Following all principles of motorcycle safety means reducing the risk of getting into an accident. Still, if you do get into a motorcycle accident in Santa Barbara, contact the motorcycle accident attorneys at Maho Prentice, LLP. We will help you get the compensation you need so that you can focus on recuperation.