Written by: Portrait Photo Of Chad M. Prentice Chad M. Prentice

Nationwide has provided several safety tips that drivers in California may find beneficial. While safe driving will not prevent other drivers from acting in a reckless manner, it can at least reduce the chances of a car crash and lessen a driver’s degree of fault if one does occur. The first tip is to remain attentive, never multitasking or doing anything that will take one’s eyes from the road. This means no use of cellphones and other electronic devices.

Defensive driving techniques are particularly recommended. Drivers should always expect the unexpected, keep away from drivers who are acting erratically and maintain a two-second gap from the car in front or 4 seconds in bad weather. Next, drivers should consider planning ahead for trips by accounting for phone calls, rest breaks and so on. Eating and drinking should ideally be done on the side of the road.

Nationwide also encourages various safe practices like using seat belts, securing cargo that could move around and avoiding alcohol consumption before driving. Even “buzzed” driving is impaired driving. Drowsiness can also impair a driver’s reaction times and decision-making ability.

In winter, drivers should avoid going out whenever possible. If they do, they should use caution around intersections, under bridges and in other icy areas. Having an emergency kit with blankets, jumper cables and a first-aid kit is also advantageous.

In the case of car accidents, victims might choose to seek damages under personal injury law. California is a comparative fault state, so victims will have the potential amount for their settlement lowered based on how much they contributed to the crash. They may want a lawyer to assess their case first. If retained, the lawyer might hire accident investigators and medical professionals to build up the case. The lawyer may then attempt to negotiate with the auto insurance company for a settlement out of court.

By Maho | Prentice, LLP Attorneys at Law on August 16, 2018