A collision between a motorcycle and a car or truck in California often has a greater negative effect on the motorcyclist than on the occupants of the other vehicle. However, a particularly horrific accident between a motorcycle and an SUV in Escondido approximately a week ago sent the motorcyclist, a 33-year-old woman and local entrepreneur, to the intensive care unit where she reportedly still remains unconscious. 

What makes the accident particularly horrific is that the other driver reportedly left the scene of the accident on foot after striking the woman on her motorcycle head-on, abandoning not only the injured motorcyclist but the SUV as well. Authorities are trying to track down the driver but have yet to make an arrest. 

In addition to not yet regaining consciousness, the motorcyclist sustained serious injuries to at least one of her legs and her right arm. She has required an operation to place a rod in one of her tibias, though it is not clear which one. She has had surgery on her right arm as well. 

The woman owns a popular restaurant in Escondido. She has friends in the neighborhood who have been donating their services of cleaning and cooking. Regulars have shown their support by continuing to patronize the restaurant and expressing wishes for the owner’s recovery. The restaurant and its owner featured on the reality makeover show “Restaurant: Impossible” earlier this year. The celebrity chef involved in that program used social media as a platform to solicit donations in support of the woman and her family. 

Though her friends and patrons are hopeful that the woman will pull through, she likely has a lengthy recovery process ahead of her. People injured in motorcycle accidents may wish to seek the services of an attorney. 

By Maho | Prentice, LLP Attorneys at Law on January 11, 2020