California motorcycle crashes either lead to injury or death. There are a variety of factors that contribute to these incidents. The combination of human, environmental and vehicle interactions places motorcycle riders at a higher risk for accidents compared to other motorists.

The very nature of riding motorcycles places riders in a vulnerable position when traveling the roadways. For example, they are more likely to get ejected from the bikes. The forceful impact of hitting the ground or striking objects along their path results in serious or fatal injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, head injuries are prevalent among bikers because they do not often have adequate protection for the heads.

One of the main causes of motorcycle accidents is a biker’s inexperience. Additionally, Collisions between vehicles and motorcycles often occur at intersections when motorists turn into the pathway of cyclists. Another contributing factor is the bad weather conditions resulting in slick, slippery roads or poor visibility. The risk factors do not stop there. Riders with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher are not only driving under the influence but also placing their lives in danger. The other leading causes are speeding and distractions.

Fortunately, there are steps motorcyclists can take to better protect themselves from injury. These include taking motorcycle training courses, putting on protective clothing and wearing well-designed helmets. Of course, it helps that they remain alert and all times. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, many states have taken measures to promote motorcycle safety. An example is California’s universal law, which requires all motorcyclists to wear a helmet.

By Maho | Prentice, LLP Attorneys at Law on July 24, 2019