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It is the responsibility of all motorists to preserve the safety of themselves and others on the road. Motorcyclists must be particularly vigilant about safety since they lack the protection of a larger passenger vehicle. While you cannot always prevent accidents from occurring, the following motorcycle safety tips can help you avoid them when at all possible. 

Wear the right gear 

All motorcyclists in California are required to wear a helmet while riding. Not only does this ensure you remain on the right side of the law, it also protects you from serious injury. When shopping for a helmet, look for one bearing a DOT sticker of approval. That means the helmet was rigorously tested against current safety standards. The best helmets also offer full-face protection, including an eye covering. If your current helmet was worn during a crash, it is time to purchase a new one. Its stability could be compromised should you be involved in another accident. 

Choose the right bike 

If you are just learning how to ride and interested in buying a bike, look for one that is suitable for a beginner. Speed bikes or those with a lot of power can be hard to handle if you lack the proper experience, which means your risk of being involved in an accident will be even greater. Additionally, if you lack experience, it is best to attend a motorcycle safety class. 

Drive defensively 

A motorcycle safety class is also a good place to learn about defensive driving techniques. Defensive driving involves always being aware of your surroundings, signaling properly, and generally making yourself as visible as possible to other drivers. Defensive driving is essential to motorcyclists, who are often overlooked by other vehicles, even when they have the right of way. 

By Maho | Prentice, LLP Attorneys at Law on March 13, 2020