When people in California get behind the wheel, they may be concerned about encountering drunk drivers on the road. Drivers who are drunk are often unable to make good decisions and may put themselves and others at risk by driving dangerously. By staying alert for signs of drunk driving, people can help to protect themselves from serious danger. There are certain signs that can point to the presence of a drunk driver, including driving in the center of the road, nearly missing accidents, weaving in and out of lanes, turning suddenly, driving in the wrong direction or reacting too slowly to traffic lights.

These are only some of the signs of a drunk driver. Sometimes, people may even witness others drinking alcohol while behind the wheel. Drivers may not brake properly and may fail to stop, or they may stop at unexpected or inappropriate times. When encountering these signs, people may recognize that there is a drunk or otherwise unsafe driver on the road. These kinds of dangerous driving behaviors can lead to severe or even fatal car accidents. Sober drivers on the road should take action to protect themselves.

Drivers may wish to pull over and allow the dangerous car to get ahead. They should also be ready to move aside quickly in case of a sudden move. If people see a drunk driver moving toward them in the wrong direction, they should flash their lights, honk their horns and try to pull over into the right lane.

Drunk driving is one of the most serious causes of severe and even deadly motor vehicle crashes, often leading to catastrophic injuries. A personal injury lawyer may be able to work with people injured in accidents caused by someone else’s drunk or negligent driving to seek compensation for their damages, including medical bills and lost wages.

By Maho | Prentice, LLP Attorneys at Law on February 25, 2019