Before heading out on any road trips, drivers in California will want to stop and evaluate some of the most common risks that they could face on the road. These include distractions, fatigue and aggression. Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham say that at least 20 percent of all fatal crashes are caused by drowsy driving. Furthermore, crashes with distracted drivers account for an average of nine deaths and thousands of injuries every day.

Drowsiness, in fact, could be considered a distraction in itself. In either case, the symptoms will be largely similar — more frequent blinking, slower eye movements, constant drifting into other lanes, poor judgment and slower reaction times. Drivers who recognize the symptoms are encouraged to stop and take a nap. If this is not possible, they should drink caffeinated beverages and or engage in alertness-enhancing activities like talking or adjusting the radio.

The worst distractions arise from mobile phone use. Calling, texting and surfing the web make drivers inattentive. This inattention can even make some drivers forget that they have children with them. Leaving children in hot cars is dangerous.

Lastly, drivers should avoid aggressive behaviors like speeding, frequent lane changes and running red lights. For over 20 years, speeding has accounted for a third of all traffic fatalities. Drivers should never fall into road rage, either.

When car accidents occur because a driver acted out of negligence or even malice, victims can seek compensation. Filing a claim against a driver’s insurance company is a task that usually requires legal assistance. A lawyer could hire experts to gather proof that could be used to negotiate for an informal settlement. A successful claim can cover medical expenses, vehicle damage, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

By Maho | Prentice, LLP Attorneys at Law on August 3, 2018