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Twenty-seven million licensed drivers make up 84 percent of California’s population who travel throughout the state’s streets, highways, and freeways. While many abide by the rules of the road, others find themselves in serious accidents that result from violating traffic laws.

The Los Angeles Times noted that a total of four-million traffic tickets are issued by California law enforcement each year. Those citations account for more than 70 percent of the Golden State’s criminal cases. They also generate a significant source of income in the way of fines for a variety of infractions.

Not all traffic violations are the same. The most “popular” ones can result in tragic accidents.

Pedal to the medal penalties

It should be no surprise that speeding tops the list of California traffic violations. In fact, the state has 2.2 times as many speeding tickets for driving more than 100 miles per hour than the national average. The state enjoys a wide range of speed limits, from 15 mph for highway intersections with poor visibility to 70 mph on most rural freeways.

The consequences of a quick call

California prohibits the use of handheld cellphones while operating a vehicle. Hands-free use via the speaker setting or voice commands is allowed. However, texting, scrolling, searching, or locating GPS directions can result in not only significant fines for distracted driving but also a catastrophic collision.

Red light violations

Another common violation involves drivers running red lights or failing to yield a left or right turn on red. Full stops must occur before touching the closest marked line, crosswalk, or the near side of an intersection. Falling short of abiding by the law can lead to an accident.

The aftermath of a traffic violation can go beyond criminal consequences. Severe and even fatal injuries can occur that require the help of a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney.

By Maho | Prentice, LLP Attorneys at Law on January 2, 2021