Month: February 2021

Preparing teens for the responsibility that comes with driving

A typical milestone in any family is the time when a teenage child reaches the age to drive legally. Driver’s education instructors will play a pivotal role in guiding them through the steps of safe motor vehicle operation. However, the role of parents cannot be discounted, especially the time between their child receiving their learner’s […]

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When are pet owners liable for dog bites in California?

Dogs bring an immeasurable amount of joy into our lives. But along with the benefits of dog ownership come tremendous responsibilities for California canine owners. Whether you own a dog or are attacked and have an injury claim against the owner, it’s essential to understand the state’s laws over civil and criminal liability. When are […]

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Crash avoidance technology and the effects on insurance claims

Automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems, a prominent factor in crash avoidance technology, has saved countless lives of drivers and passengers. The addition of sensors in the form of cameras and radar that immediately stop drivers from coming too close to obstacles has reduced serious injuries, fatalities, and property damage. A recent analysis by the Highway […]

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